Service of cabriolet?

cabrioletCabriolet is non-practical, but a favorite toy. However, will it be the content of a burden for the budget? In short – no, if you follow some rules for handling with a folding roof.

Thus, according to the masters of branded service stations, routine maintenance of cabriolet is no different from a fellow with a fixed roof. The difference is due to something more different engines and transmissions. The price of maintenance for Volvo C70 should be equal to the price of maintenance for Volvo S40 with the same engine and gearbox, the price for the MOT for Audi A5 Cabriolet should be similar to certain price of maintenance for the A5 coupe, etc.

However, cabriolets, or rather their roof, require compliance with certain rules of operation and periodic maintenance. Firstly, it is desirable at the beginning and ending of each season you wash the roof and all its track elements. Moreover, the roof must be dried in an unfolded state, or in the folds of the folded roof, water can stay for a long time that will lead to corrosion of the elements. Another important recommendation is constant (each maintenance or after two maintenance) lubrication and adjustment of all the moving parts of the roof and its seals.

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