2016 Honda Odyssey – Review

2016 Honda OdysseyHi, I’m harder for adjacent to them to walk you guys, around this awesome 2016 Honda Odyssey you excel. Let me assure you guys why this Honda Odyssey is a great family vehicle starting with these beautiful projector headlights. Coming around this nice big chrome grille and just check out the 17 inch alloy wheels they look awesome. This mirror folds backwards and forwards with Honda expanded view. Coming around to the side open by remote you can open up this nice big door. You can also buy remote shut the door. How cool is that. All the way the back 11 LED taillights, order new headlights, please go to site http://rentaldelight.com/honda-odyssey/headlights.html. And the hatch that you can all brought by remote or you can open up manually if you’d like.

Inside you guys will find plenty of room but the needle a bit more use Honda’s magics the. You simply pull on this tab for 40 percent of the seat. Or this tab for 60 percent of the city. And when you’re ready to go you can use a remote or simply press the button and walk away. And now for the inside of the 2016 Honda Odyssey and a few of my favorite features starting with the driver’s door so many compartments to put stuff including a couple that the fits a one liter bottle of water. Coming across to the steering wheel it’s really nice of you audio controls on your left hand side. Cruise controls on your right and all your Bluetooth controls right underneath, these analog gauges up front are so easy to read. Honda put 2 screens in the car saying keep track of your MP Jeez but also check your radio stations there’s tri zone heating and air conditioning so the driver passenger and the rear seat all get their own zone.

Coming across here you guys want to plug in your devices no problem you have a USB port and a power outlet. Open to suffer more storage and a second Cup holder. More storage in here that doubles as a cool box. Center council opens up plenty room in here 2 more cardholders if you need more room open up this glove box. And you can fit pretty much anything. And now under the hood Hyundai has a 3.5 liter ivy tech engine with 148 horsepower with the CM that’ll actually deactivates cylinders to send your fuel which means less stops of the gas station on your family vacation. Wow what a great family vehicle for more information contact your local Honda dealer.

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