When did the names of bodies of modern cars appear?

modern cars appearThe first “vans” cars came just at the request of wealthy hunters – they needed more space for the transport of dogs and all equipment. Bodies of such cars were made by hand on the chassis of a Rolls-Royce and Daimler made of precious wood.

Even more versatile and spacious vehicle is a minivan. It is virtually bus. Firstly such cars were built at the beginning of the last century on the passenger chassis modeled on the then tourist bus.

A compromise between the sedan and wagon a hatchback can be considered. It is not as bulky in appearance, but it is even more practical. Rear seat of hatchback folds, and through a large luggage hatch even very large objects can be loaded. The piano, however, does not fit. But the TV or fridge – completely does. The first sedans with big hatch back, with the indistinguishable silhouette from standard, company Citroen did before the war, in the 40 years their production was established by American company Kaiser.

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